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We're a tiny bedding company

We have no industry contacts. We don't have any physical stores. We're just two normal people with a simple product. One we're proud to call our own.

We set out to create a company that believes in the virtues of good sleep. The result of our journey was one product — a single set of organic cotton bedding. Inspired by people who sleep late and sometimes eat pizza in bed. In other words, people like us.

Bedding is a strange thing — we spend more than half our lives sleeping in it, but little time considering what to buy. And that's a problem. Because most of the stuff out there is terrible. The quality of something so simple can have a huge impact on our lives.

If you're like us, you need to stumble onto something to know you even needed it in the first place. We hope this is your stumble into the undeniable goodness of Lakenland bedding. And with our 60-day no-questions-asked return policy with free returns, you really don't have much to lose.

Sleep well,

Pierre & Shalaine