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Softer with time 🍦

When lower quality bedding starts to fall apart, our bedding is the softest it’s ever been. Lesser quality bedding is typically made with short staple cotton fibres. These poke out of the weave, making your sheets rough and prone to pilling. We use only long-staple cotton because it produces the longest, strongest and finest cotton fibres. That means our sheets soften over time and continue to get better with every wash.

Breathable, comfortable

Poor quality cotton fabrics stop air from circulating effectively between your skin and the bedding, resulting in discomfort and disturbed sleep. Along with the numerous environmental benefits, this is what separates our organic cotton bedding from the rest— comfort and feel over the long term.

Earth will 🙏🏼 you

Sleep comfortably knowing that Lakenland bedding leaves a much lighter footprint on the Earth. Our products are Oeko-Tex® certified to be free of chemicals so they’re kind to your skin and the environment. We even designed our packaging to be reusable or recyclable and minimised the use of plastic.