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Boutique hotel quality

Nice hotels have nice bedding. Turns out, most of them use the same fabric— 100% cotton using a light percale weave. Around 400 thread count. It’s the same stuff we use in our bedding. Ours just happens to be organic too. The result is a matte finish with a cool, crisp feel— all made from sustainably sourced fabric.

Perfect thread count

A high thread count sounds fancy, but more threads can actually end up feeling like cardboard and hinder breathability. After months of trial and error, we’ve settled on 400 thread count fabric. It simply has the best balance of softness and breathability you can find.

100% Organic Cotton 💯

We use only 100% organic cotton and make sure that through every stage of production, we maintain the strictest environmental standards. We specifically chose to partner with a fabric mill that cares for environmental and social sustainability as much as we do.